Our Space

The nursery was converted during 2016 and 2017 from the Royal British Legion Club.  The building work included a very full overhaul – and now boasts large open and light rooms with high ceilings and plenty of access to the four outside gardens.   We have transformed a very tired facility into a state-of-the-art nursery.   The inspiration and work involved encouraged BBC Radio Gloucestershire to devote a whole programme to it in the afternoon of Halloween 2017.  The space was described as “beautiful”, “amazing” and “inspirational”. 

Unbelievable!!! I’ve never seen anything so creative and beautiful!!! Every corner of each room or gardens has had so much thought put into it. It is a child’s dream at this nursery!! Think I’m over reacting? Go see for your self!!! I know I would find my self very relaxed leaving my son here everyday I am so excited for when he starts. This place is phenomenal. 5 stars highly recommended just completely amazing

P Bailey 4th October, 2017 via Facebook


All our rooms are bright and airy.    There are four main rooms and three internal railway carriages!  All the children’s areas are on the ground floor. 

Each room is dedicated to a particular age group (link to section on our rooms).  We will recommend moving children between rooms when we feel they are ready for the next stage.   Each room has a Head of Unit and your child will have a specific key person within the room who’s job is to focus on your child and ensure that he / she is happy and enjoying each activity. 

Security is vital at a nursery.  We have a buzzer system on the main gate and this is linked to CCTV cameras.  There’s a separate buzzer on the main door and this is also linked to another CCTV camera.  All the windows and doors are new (in 2017) and can be fully secured.

The facilities in this new nursery are outstanding! The staff are equally impressive. Little Smarties is a little gem.

Z Rudin 29th September via Facebook

Our garden

The outside space is vast.  There are four separate gardens.

The gardens run alongside the old steam railway line and so we’ve built ‘Teletubby ‘ mounds so that children can have the best possible view of the trains as they toot past.  The drivers and passengers always wave and we have a close affinity to the marvelous volunteers at Gloucestershire and Worcestershire Steam Railway.

One of our gardens is for growing vegetables. 

Our Forest School

The nursery is next to a small park in Woodmancote.  This is accessed from the nursery by foot on a path.  We can get to this “Forest School” without having to go on any road, although we do have to cross the pedestrian crossing for steam railway line.  We use this to educate children on how to cross roads safely.

The Forest School has a shallow stream running through it.  Children can safely paddle in the stream and really enjoy doing this.   It’s also brilliant for playing Pooh Sticks!  There are a number of trees in the park and this gives us great opportunites to learn about seasons, insects, bugs.